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    Sharing It . . . Through Estate Planning

    Estate planning is the process of creating a master plan for controlling property during life and distributing that property at death. In general, estate planning will afford you more control over your assets during your life, provide care if you incur a disability, and allow for the transfer of wealth to whom you want, when you want, at the lowest possible cost.

    If done correctly, an estate plan will coordinate with your overall investment, business, and insurance plans. Common estate planning issues addressed include wealth transfer, minimization of transfer taxes, asset protection, and charitable giving.

    Everyone can benefit from estate planning. If you don’t create your own plan, you should be aware that your state of residency has already created a plan for any resident who dies without a will or trust through intestate inheritance law. However, your state does not take into account the unique needs of you and your family. Estate planning is an issue for everyone and may be more important for midsize estates because a misstep could have a greater impact on the family.


    Custom Financial Design does not provide legal or tax advice.   You should consult a legal or tax prfessional regarding your individual situation.